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Sushi and Seafood Buffet


Our Story

SUSHI ON is a seafood buffet located at Fair Oaks Mall in Virginia offering unlimited selections of sushi and Asian cuisine since 2004.

Under our new name, SUSHI ON, we will continue serving quality food with the freshest ingredient with our friendly staff and dining area accommodating 300 seats.



Gift Card Services

Share your delicious experiences using SUSHI ON Gift Cards!

SUSHI ON Gift Cards can be purchased at our location and the balance never expires.

Please ask our staff for further detail.



* Please note that the previous Todai Gift Cards can be honored at SUSHI ON only if it was purchased and activated at Fairfax location.

Since SUSHI ON and Todai are not affiliated, SUSHI ON does not honor any purchase from other locations of Todai.

For all inquiries about Todai, please contact Todai Headquarter at www.todai.com.